Midrand Dental Excellence

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Our Technology

We use the most modern and proven dental equipment available. This includes things like digital x-rays for diagnosis of dental decay and oral diseases. We examine and work through an operating microscope, we use LED fibre optic equipment, which enables us to see and work better.

We use a dedicated dental computer program to prepare and record your dental history and we prepare detailed reports and treatment plan. We use digital clinical photos to communicate and show you before and after photos- photography is the language of dentistry

Our instruments are bagged and sterilized in the most sophisticated and modern autoclaves for your protection and are subjected to stringent cleaning and sterilization procedures. All needles and bio- hazardous materials are disposed of in specially designed plastic containers and collected by waste management specialists.

We use the best dental materials available for the art and science required to restore your teeth. We don't use amalgam fillings (which contain toxic mercury) and fill with white composite filling materials. We have "state of the art" root treatment equipment for measuring, shaping, cleaning and filling root canals. We never compromise on quality and use the best possible materials for everything we do

Of course the heart of our practice philosophy is- prevention is always better then cure. Our practice objective is to prevent decay and gum disease and hope not to have to do any restorative dentistry at all-but should you need it- we treat with and use the best scientific and evidence based methods and equipment available..