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Oral Hygiene

Very important for health

Not a day goes by without a newspaper or magazine article attributing poor oral health (gum disease) as being one of the major contributing factors to cardiac disease, premature pregnancy, erectile dysfunction, chronic infections etc. As we learn more we discover that oral health is hugely important for a long healthy life.

Gum disease gingivitis and the more serious periodontal disease is the most prevalent disease worldwide! It affects all of us regardless of status and colour and doesn't receive the attention it needs. By the time we have pain from gum disease it has already caused extensive and irreversible damage. It is a bacterial disease caused by plaque and calculus sticking to the necks of teeth. This causes an inflammatory response in the host and this has a number of serious consequences.

Gum disease causes red, inflamed bleeding gums (often without pain) and over time, loss of bone around the roots of teeth, causing their eventual loss. We cannot grow back the bone around the roots of the teeth and people can lose healthy teeth without cavities or fillings, because of the loss of supporting tissue. This is a disease that must be prevented because once you have experienced bone loss it is often impossible to reverse the loss and most of our treatment can only achieve the preservation of what is left! Poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease causes bad breath and most people who have it, are often unaware of it! The best treatment again is prevention. The individual has to commit to good tooth brushing and flossing and regular oral hygienist appointments to measure and check that your periodontal (gum) pockets are in the healthy range of 2-3mm. Deeper pockets then this need special care.

Of course babies and young children (and often older kids as well) are not able to brush and clean properly without their parents help and supervision. Not just for a night but for years – if we are to achieve our goal of zero cavities and restorations in their permanent teeth.

Our Oral hygienists have years of experience and practical tips to help maintain yours and your children's oral health. We teach brushing and flossing, we use fissure sealants, fluoride treatments and may prescribe different oral care products to suit each individuals needs.

We also do cancer screening, give advice on ways to clean your tongue and for those kids losing their first tooth invite them to become members of our "Lost Tooth Club.". Our Oral hygienists are responsible for teeth whitening and helping our patients to achieve our goal of healthy, beautiful teeth for life.