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Root Canal Treatment

Nothing ages a person by 15-20 years faster than the loss of a top front tooth. But of course all the teeth are important to maintain the integrity and shape of your bite, lip and cheek support and your smile.

Dr. Bradley Selvan has completed an extra degree at Pretoria University, the Dip Odont degree in Endodontics, with Distinction, at Pretoria University in 2007. Dr Selvan is passionate about Endodontics (Root treatment). His expertise and skill make for painless and excellent "root canal" treatments. He also gets endodontic referrals from other dental practioners. We offer state of the art equipment and care.

Endodontics the specialization of dentistry that saves teeth by removing the diseased, infected and painful "nerve" and soft tissue in the root canal system. By shaping, cleaning, rinsing and filling the root canals we can save teeth that have suffered extensive decay, resulting in infection and irreversible nerve (pulp) infection. Everyone wants to keep their teeth until they die and endodontic treatment offers them a second chance

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